Warranty Terms


Wacker Neuson products are manufactured to high standards and exacting specifications, providing excellent service and performance in the demanding environments they are intended for.

This construction equipment warranty terms & policy (Terms) covers all Wacker Neuson manufactured products sold by and in the Wacker Neuson Pty Ltd region of Australia, New Zealand, Papua New Guinea, Fiji, New Caledonia, Tahiti, Solomon Islands and Polynesia.

Dealers Responsibilities

This Policy is to be used as a guide for Wacker Neuson Authorised Dealers, Service Agents, and Resellers (Dealers) in determining warranty coverage and claim procedures for all Wacker Neuson construction equipment (Products). Refer to this Policy to determine whether a warranty claim may be justified and utilize it as a procedural guide to assist with preparing a valid warranty claim.

Warranty repair is the responsibility of all Dealers. Credit for warranty repairs will only be given after the receipt and approval by Wacker Neuson of a Dealer’s properly completed warranty claim.

Dealers shall store new Products as is necessary to prevent deterioration and other damage and shall take such steps as are necessary.

Dealers shall review with the end-user at time of sale the Operator’s Manual stressing the importance of preventive maintenance, review basic operation, the use of Genuine Wacker Neuson Parts, the terms and conditions that may affect their warranty eligibility, and explain that only an authorised Wacker Neuson Dealer can perform warranty repair.

Approved Dealers can repair and file a warranty claim with Wacker Neuson. Once a Dealer determines that the repair is covered by the Terms having failed due to a manufacturing defect and within its warranty period, the Dealer should order the parts from Wacker Neuson. Upon receipt of the parts, Dealer should make the repair, test the Product for functionality and file a warranty claim; the Product serial number and other relevant information must be provided in the warranty claim. All parts relating to a warranty claim must be retained by the Dealer for 6 months after an approved claim has been reimbursed by Wacker Neuson.

Standard Warranties

Wacker Neuson Pty Ltd warrants that all new Products will be free from defects in materials and workmanship, under normal use and service, for the applicable periods of time set forth below from the date of new sale.

Wacker Neuson’s sole obligation for valid warranty claims shall be limited to repair or replacement of the Product by an authorised Wacker Neuson’s authorised Dealer at their normal place of business, at Wacker Neuson’s discretion and shall be conditioned upon Wacker Neuson receiving written notice of the warranty claim within thirty (30) days after failure.

Only authorised personnel of Wacker Neuson can approve warranty claims or deviate from this Policy in any manner.

The above warranties and remedies are exclusive and shall not be deemed to have failed of its or their essential purpose so long as Wacker Neuson or its authorised Dealer is willing and able to repair or replace the Product in question within a reasonable time after it is proven that a valid warranty claim exists.

Wacker Neuson do not provide for travel or transport costs under warranty.

Wacker Neuson does not loan or supply the use of items during warranty repair, including but not limited to machines, tools, attachments, and other products.

Warranty Periods


The warranty period for replacement parts used in Product repairs is thirty (30) days from the date of the end-user’s receipt of the replacement parts, or sixty (60) days from the date of the Dealer’s receipt of the replacement parts.


Wacker Neuson engines are covered under the applicable machine warranty.

The specific engine manufacturer’s warranty details and periods apply for non-Wacker Neuson engines fitted to Wacker Neuson machines. Engines used are warranted solely through their respective manufacturer. Warranty work should only be performed by the manufacturer of engines or their authorised Dealers. Wacker Neuson cannot authorise warranty work on engines. If an engine vendor is not available, contact Wacker Neuson for advice.

Although Wacker Neuson offers certain engine components for sale this does not guarantee such parts are covered by this Policy or the manufacturer’s warranty. Such parts are offered as a convenience to our customers for non-warranty repairs and are not for repair of engines still covered under the manufacturer’s warranty.

Machines – up to 5 Years / 5,000 hours (whichever occurs first)

High Frequency Internal Concrete Vibrators  External Concrete Vibrators

Drive Units (for shaft vibrators & pumps)

Walk Behind Concrete Trowls
Ride On Concrete Trowels Concrete Wet Screeds
Concrete Truss Screeds Rebar Tiers
Rammers Vibrating Plates
Vibratory Rollers Breakers
Saws Electric Submersible Pumps
Engine Driven Pumps Generators
Light Balloons Excavators
Dumpers Wheel Loaders

Product Registration is required to activate extended warranty period on eligible machines. CE machines not registered within 30 days of purchase will have the Statutory 1 Year / 1000 hours warranty period. EquipCare module, where fitted, must be active throughout the extended period.

Zero Emission Battery packs are supplied with a 5 year / 5000 hours warranty period.

Administration and Parts handling fee of 15 minutes claimable for each approved warranty claim
Travel covered to approved CE repairs for 12 months from date of sale
KMs paid at $1.00/km up to 200km
Labour paid at standard warranty rate up to 3hrs
CE products eligible for warranty travel claim
• Excavators
• Dumpers
• Telehandlers
• Wheel Loaders

Machines – up to 1 Year / 1,000 hours (whichever occurs first)

Pendulum Internal Concrete Vibrators  Pressure Washers
HMS Series Internal Concrete Vibrators Light Towers
Flexible Shaft Driven Submersible Pumps Frequency Convertors (for external vibrators)



Warranty does not apply to failures in Products or replacement Parts resulting from:

  • unauthorised or improper use or operation.
  • preventative maintenance or repair that does not meet with WN operating instructions, manuals, recommendations, and documentation.
  • use of fluids, oils, coolants etc. other than those specifically recommended by WN.
  • any alteration or modification from WN original manufacturing specifications.
  • end-user, Third Party, Dealer, Service Agent or Service Provider negligence.
  • connection, operation and/or use of Products with parts, components, accessories etc. which do not match or meet the specifications recommended by WN.
  • any natural disaster, act of nature or other external factors including but not limited to flood, wind, fire or lightning.
  • where a tamper indicator has been altered, broken or removed.
  • damage due to shipping, transport or handling.
  • accident, neglect, unreasonable use or operation of the item.
  • use of non-WN or non-approved parts, components and accessories.
  • consequential costs or damage including but not limited to transport and salvaging, downtime, replacement Product, storage, waste disposal, taxes, and out of pocket expenses.
  • any other act, omission or circumstances beyond WN’s reasonable control.
  • work performed under warranty which does not satisfactorily repair the item due to poor workmanship or improper initial diagnosis and which requires subsequent repair will be the sole responsibility of the Repairer. WN will not reimburse for improper or repetitive repairs caused by misdiagnosis or failures in service work.
  • storage conditions and/or environmental damage in a corrosive atmosphere, or otherwise in contact with corrosive materials


Warranty does not apply to failures in Product or replacement parts resulting from:

The following are typically consumable items and/or symptomatic of a fault therefore generally excluded by WN warranty, however will be considered in the event any of these items become unserviceable as a direct result of a proven warranty fault.

Accessories, Batteries, Belts, Filters, Fluids and Lubricants, Glass and Mirrors, Tyres and Tracks, Spark Plugs and Glow Plugs, Shock Mounts, Lighting and Globes, Fuses and Circuit Breakers, Switches, Hoses and Pipes, Couplers and Connections, Brake Linings, Trims and Insulating Mats, Diaphragms and Bellows, Engine Components, Chains, Catalytic Convertors, Particulate-Soot Filters, Wiper Blades and Washer Systems, Locks and Handles, Hinges and Door Catches, Horns and Alarms, Radios, Beacons, Breaking Tools and Accessories, Ground Engaging Tools and Accessories, Maintenance and Wear Items, as deemed by WN.

Warranty does not apply to use of non-approved parts and the performance of repairs by anyone who is not an authorised Dealer of Wacker Neuson. The above warranties will be voided if seals on components are broken or removed.

Disclaimer of Other Warranties

The above warranties and remedies are exclusive and in lieu of all other warranties and remedies whatsoever, express or implies, each of which are hereby expressly disclaimed by Wacker Neuson Pty Ltd, including, without limitation, any implied warranties of, fitness for a particular purpose, usage of trade and non-infringement. There are no warranties which extend beyond the explicit descriptions contained within this Policy.

Disclaimer of Other Liabilities

Wacker Neuson Pty Ltd’s sole responsibility with respect to breach of the above warranties shall be as provided in the section titled “Standard Warranties” above.

Wacker Neuson Pty Ltd shall not be subject to and hereby disclaims, even if Wacker Neuson Pty Ltd has been advised of the possibility of the same: a) any obligations or liabilities arising from breach of the above warranties; other than the exclusive remedies expressly set forth therein; b) any obligation or liabilities arising from tort claims (including, without limitation, negligence and strict liability), or any undertakings, acts or omissions relating thereto; and c) any and all consequential, incidental, special, indirect, punitive, contingent, speculative and similar damages.

Without limiting the generality of the foregoing, Wacker Neuson specifically disclaims any liability for penalties (including administrative penalties), lost profits or revenues, loss of use of Product or associated material, cost of capital, facilities or services, downtime, shut-down or slowdown, spoilage of material, or any other type of economic loss.

Additional Terms and Conditions

Availability of Parts

All parts for warranty repairs must be purchased from Wacker Neuson unless approved in writing by an authorised representative of Wacker Neuson. Parts used for a warranty repair not purchased from or authorised by Wacker Neuson may not be covered by warranty or eligible for reimbursement, and/or may result in partial or complete voidance of warranty at Wacker Neuson’s sole discretion.

Wacker Neuson will not reimburse shipping or minimum order charges for emergency part orders.

Dealers must electronically submit each warranty claim via the Wacker Neuson website at https://au.wackerneuson.com. Reimbursement for warranty parts will be settled by a credit note at the net price of the Parts.

Specialised Tools or Equipment

Wacker Neuson Dealers must have on-hand, any manuals, specialised equipment and competent personnel necessary to perform the repair. Wacker Neuson will not provide reimbursement for the purchase of any such equipment or its use or hiring of personnel, which shall be the sole responsibility of the Dealer. Any collateral damage occurring during the repair due to the incorrect or improper use of equipment or procedures will not be considered under warranty or other reimbursement by Wacker Neuson.